Sadie Driggs


Sadie Driggs of Sandpoint is our community manager overseeing our staff as well as day to day operations. Sadie and her family have been residents of Sandpoint for the last 12 years. Sadie loves building relationships with the Sandpoint senior community, the Alpine Vista residents, their families and employees as well as working with local senior resources and referral agencies to champion Sandpoint greatest resource, OUR SENIORS!

Barbara Nunke


Our activities manager interacts with our residents through amazing, fun-filled activities aimed at enriching our senior population. Each activity is selected to create a rewarding experience that brings excitement to a generation with a wealth of wisdom and history that is genuinely appreciated and admired. We encourage developing new interests, new relationships, and personal growth.

Jason Kedish


Our maintenance department takes pride in the appearance of your home and assumes the responsibility for quick home repairs and/or adding personal touches you may want in your apartment. Always there to assist you while making repairs our friendly, knowledgeable maintenance manager is responsive to whatever your request – a repair person you can depend on when needed.

Krystle Shapiro


Our office personnel are always happy to make themselves available to assist residents with making appointments, contacting family, addressing envelopes, making copies, finding services in the community, arranging for special transportation or just engaging in pleasant conversation. Our residents are our priority business of the day.

Lisa Alford


Our dining services manager and kitchen staff work diligently to prepare and serve appetizing, nutritious, home-cooked meals. Catering to resident’s preferences for the type of foods they like residents are encouraged to offer up recipes and participate in the monthly dining services meeting. We value resident ideas and input. Along with the daily dining program our staff excels at creating unique dining experiences for many of the events, activities and functions held throughout the year.

Joelle Campbell


Our housekeeper provides weekly services that will help you protect your health and care for your personal space. Weekly, fresh towels are provided, and each bed is changed with fresh linens and arranged to your personal liking. The housekeeper will assure you have a clean and sanitary bathroom and kitchenette to maintain a healthful environment for your enjoyment. personal laundry services are available for a nominal fee.